Wednesday, 1 April 2015

10 Signs Finals Are Almost Upon Us

This is it, we're getting ready to head into the final week of classes. And a quick look around campus will prove that finals are almost here. So, here are 10 ways you can tell that the end of term is on its way:

1. People you’ve never seen before show up to class.

Who are you Harry Potter

2. Tim Horton’s/Starbucks/Second Cup/anywhere-you get-your-caffeine-fix line-ups are suddenly SO long that you’re sure you aged 10 years while waiting for your double-double.

Lots and lots of coffee

3. You have bursts of motivation where you manage to convince yourself that the only way you’ll ever finish your paper is by sitting in a cubicle. You're determined not to leave until you’ve finished…

Let's do this!

… only to realize that, after three hours and only two sentences, this wasn’t a good idea.

I need help

4. You realize you and your friends might not be as alike as you thought.


Too much


Just relax

5. Conversations with your parents start to go like this:

Them: “We haven’t seen you in WEEKS, honey!”

You (rather than explain ALL that you have to do):

I need a minute alone

6. Tents start popping up in all the libraries on campus… and no one asks any questions. #desperatetimes 

camping out in the library

7. There’s that one class you’ve just given up on…

What you think the professor is saying:

You don't get it

What the professor’s actually saying:

Sup? Professor Mosby

(Okay, maybe not. But your professor is there to help you, so ask for help if you need it and while you still can!)



8. You realize that your notes are not as helpful as you thought, with missing pages, half-finished sentences and confusing abbreviations you don’t even remember making. 

I should not have done this

9. Your eClass forum/email is suddenly flooded with frantic requests from students, all in the same position as you, and you’re just like:

Make it stop

10. Somewhere along the line, you get overwhelmed just THINKING about all that you have to do, and the apathy slowly starts to creep in… until you hear yourself saying:

I don't care that I don't care

But then you realize that you’re AWESOME and your exams are no match for you! So you buckle down…

Let's get down to business

So, how does this story end? In a good way I hope, with us traipsing happily into the sunset with our stellar grades and most importantly, FREEDOM, in tow. Even though the next three weeks might look like this:

What is sleep Patrick

We can all do it! #rootingforUAlberta

Aala - YouAlberta Contributor

Hi! My name is Aala, and I’m in my final year of the Neuroscience program [insert other random but completely boring things about me that make your eyes glaze over]. Now, onto the real important stuff: any doctors out there reading this? I’ve got a serious case of wanderlust-itis, and I was wondering if there were any immediate cures? Because it’s got me on Pinterest, pinning images of places I’ll likely only visit in my dreams, when I should be paying close attention as my physiology professor goes over the role of CCK in the digestive system FOR THE THIRD TIME. Sigh. At any point during the day, you most definitely can find me in the lineup for Tim Horton’s (ANY Tim Horton’s really, I’ve got quite a radar for it) getting my daily Iced Capp fix.


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