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The Best Places to Take Grad Photos

U of A Grad Photos

Here are the BEST spots to take your U of A grad photos this year (with a few tips to help you get the best shots):

@ The Jubilee Auditorium

Photo Tip: Try to stand at an angle that will allow the Butterdome to serve as your background. After all, you didn't take classes at the Jube, but I bet that you did write an exam in the Butterdome. Plus, it's totally iconic!

Grad Photo @ Lister

Photo Tip: If you were ever a Listerite, then you likely have plenty of photos of the place on your phone... but it might be nice to have at least one cap and gown pic of you in front of the legendary residence.


Grad Photo @ ECHA

Photo Tip: For the best shot of ECHA, cross the street. Stand on the sidewalk in front of the PAW Cetre to get ECHA and its Lego look in your background. If you time it just right, you might even avoid having cars in the picture.

Photo Tip: To get a similar shot of PAW, stand on the sidewalk in front of ECHA.

The Alberta Bear

UAlberta Tradition - Alberta Bear Photo

Photo Tip: Having your photo taken with the Alberta Bear is the U of A's newest tradition - so make sure you get your shot... which could be as epic as this one:

Ride the Alberta Bear at UAlberta

Photo Tip: Check out YouAlberta's guide to posing for grad photos to see how you might be able to best pose in your gown - and check out Paige's guide to getting the perfect Alberta Bear photo... you can pet it, ride it, hug it, stand beside it, run from it, etc.

The Presidents' Circle

Pose with the U of A's Founders

Photo Tip: Imagine yourself as one of the university's founders and then pose with them... well, not actually them (for obvious reasons), but with their bronze facsimiles. The President's Circle is one of the newest statues on campus, so mosey on up beside our first President, and pose as though you're helping him and the first Premier pick out the perfect spot for the university.

St. Joseph's College/Education

UAlberta Education Grad Photo

Photo Tip: St. Joseph's College is one of the first buildings you would have seen if you rode the bus to campus each morning, plus it will make you look super collegian if you use it in as your background.

Photo Tip: If you're an Education grad, you'll definitely want a photo with the Education mural in the background. For the best shot, try standing on the sidewalk in front of Dent Pharm. (Just look out for the construction.)

The Admin Building

Grad Photos @ UAlberta

Photo Tip: The area around the Admin Building is perfect for lots of different shots - you can have a picture in front of the building, a shot standing beside one of the charming brick posts, a picture with the whale tale statue, or series of pictures in and around the two ponds that are nestled beside the walkway... but remember EVERYONE will want these shots. To avoid having lots of people in your background, consider making this one of your last photo spots.

Alumni Walk

U of A Alumni Grad Photos

Photo Tip: Once you've crossed the stage you will be a member of the U of A's Alumni community, so I would highly recommend getting a photo in the Alumni Walk... preferably with the Alumni Walk Plaque. (Note: This is a very popular spot for photos, so to avoid the crowds, you might want to leave it for one of your final shots.)

QUAD/Pembina Hall/CCIS

UAlberta Grad Photos in QUAD

Photo Tip: QUAD is massive, so there are plenty of places to take your photo. While you'll want to capture some of the walking paths and gorgeous plant life, be sure to include some of the more iconic spots, like Pembina Hall.

UAlberta Grad Photos in QUAD

Photo Tip: While in QUAD, consider heading towards CCIS to avoid having a crowd in your background.

Engineering QUAD

Photo Tip: Engineering grads might want to head to the iron ring (well, it's almost a ring) over in the Engineering QUAD for at least one grad photo. 

Bio Sci

Bio Sci Grad Photo

Photo Tip: Most people tend to forget that the area behind Bio Sci (along Saskatchewan Drive) can be an amazing place to take photos. Not only will you have the potential of getting a great tree line in your background, but you might be able to get a great shot of the Edmonton skyline in your background too.


Tory Turtle Grad Photos @ UAlberta

Photo Tip: Don't be afraid to choose spots on campus that might be harder to recognize, if they provide you with a colourful and textured back drop. (Like the back of the Tory Turtle/Tory Lecture Theatre)

Grad Photo @ Rutherford House

Photo Tip: Do try to include at least one piece of public art in your photos... and maybe even a provincial landmark, like Rutherford House.


U of A Grad Photo at Convocation Hall

Photo Tip: The Old Arts Building a.k.a. Convocation Hall is THE spot to take a grad photo. Seriously. "Convocation" is in the name of the building. 

Grad Photos at Convocation Hall

Photo Tip: If you'd like a water feature in your photo, or if you'd like lots of shrubs and trees, head to the Arts QUAD next to HUB for your photos. The shots can be similar to the ones you'll get by the Admin Building, but you won't have to compete with as many people for the limited space. Plus, you'll be able to get Convocation Hall in your picture.

Bonus Idea!

If you can find them, and if they're willing... you should totally get a photo with your campus hero. #UAlberta17

Grad Selfie with Derpy Bear


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