Monday, 17 October 2016

Midterm Motivation: Crossword Style

Midterm Motivation: Procrastinate with a Crossword
I am sitting here on Monday in a sort of trance. My stomach wishes that it were still full of last week’s Thanksgiving dinner, and I am staring at my agenda trying to muster up the strength to open my books and start reading. I can’t do it people. What with the early snow and the craving for more turkey stuffing, the struggle is too real right now. So guess what? I decided to make us a crossword instead. But this isn’t just any kind of crossword. This is a *cue drum roll…MIDTERM MOTIVATION CROSSWORD!

Yes, you read that right. I don’t know how effective this will be in motivation you to start studying, but if you have reached the point where you are willing to do anything to get the academic gears turning again, its worth a shot. Good luck on midterms everyone!

It's a crossword! For Midterms!


7. Do not put off what should be done NOW. Do not _______

10. Hit the books, its time to _______?


1. Why are we studying at the U of A? To get
an _______?

2. You are pretty sure that you have more of this
substance running in your veins than you do blood.

3. Given their name, these should be happening
only once, and half-way through the semester.
Sadly, this isn't always the case.

4 . A 'session' that usually happens around 2 a.m. or
3 a.m. the night before your midterm

5. No, you will not be attending it's funeral. Put the
black clothing away.

6. You got this, its time to ... those exams.

8. That statement on an essay that takes forever
to write.

9. Put your phone away. Now is the time to ________.

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Niabi is a fourth year BA student double majoring in English and Spanish. She’s a relentless optimist, hazardously curious, and loves a good laugh (her friends would say that she has a juvenile sense of humour). When not jamming out to Reggaeton, you can find her trying to cuddle every dog she sees, or serving herself “eyes-are-too-big-for-your-stomach” helpings.

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