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6 Things To Do To Wrap Up The Term (Aside from exams...)

Finals have arrived. You should be writing them now-ish. Or studying for them. Or celebrating the fact that you've just finished them (hooray!). But what else should you be doing? Here's a list of the things you should be doing to wrap up your Winter term:


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It's been a long semester, but the time is about to come for you to catch up on some much needed sleep. Wrap yourself up in your quilt and just enjoy being restful. 

Just make sure that you get up on time for your exam...

Sleeping During an Exam
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Getting hired

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If you're wrapping up your degree then this one might take a little longer to do, but don't fret -finding the perfect post-university job can take a little time and patience (as most good things in life do), so use your job search as an opportunity to learn about yourself. Approach each opportunity available as a personal learning experience. Finding the right job is a little like finding the right outfit; it might not look exciting on the rack, but could be fabulous when you try it on for size. 

And if you aren't graduating just yet, you should still try to use your summer job as a learning opportunity. Sometimes summer jobs are the perfect way to fall into your dream career and other times they can provide you with the chance to learn what kind of career you don't really want to pursue. 

Check out our post about getting hired and make a trip over to CAPS to find your summer fit.

Taking a walk around campus

Once you've wrapped up your final final, take a little time to wander around a little. Visit your old study spot, take a selfie in your favourite classroom (provided that there aren't people writing an exam in it), or grab your favourite snack from campus. Just try to enjoy the place where you've spent the last eight months studying. This is your campus, so take a look at it. 

(Note: Yes, I do realize that the trees haven't quite begun to bloom yet and we need a good rain to get rid of the grime on the sidewalks, so try to look up at the lovely buildings we have and just enjoy the mellow mood of campus.)


Spring Cleaning
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If you live on campus, now is the time to start cleaning up your dorm. Start sorting what you want to keep and what you really want to just go. Residence Services and the Office of Sustainability should have a number of PODS and bins set up near East Campus Village and Lister to help you donate and recycle the items you no longer need. And you can always take any non-perishable food or un-opened toiletries to the Campus Food Bank if you want a little less to haul home.

And if you don't live in residence, you can still do a little spring cleaning too. Sort through your notes and decide what you'd like to keep and what you'd like to recycle. You can also figure out which of your textbooks you would like to keep and which ones you would like to sell. Or, just clean up your room/apartment so that it can fit your summer lifestyle. 

Planning your summer movie guide

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Summer movies are about to hit hard! Pick out which ones you'd like to see, stock up on your cheap student movie passes (while you're still on campus), and get ready for blockbuster season.

Discover something you'll only find on campus

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While a number of us will still be here over the course of the summer, a larger number won't be back to campus until September, so now is the time to try and find one new thing you haven't tried before on campus. It could mean that you check out something fun AND educational (like the pop-up book exhibit in the Bruce Peel Special Collections over in Rutherford South), or it could mean hanging out in a building you've never ventured to before (like the Mechanical Engineering building, where you can enjoy lunch while over looking a working workshop), or maybe it means searching to see if you can spot a baby rabbit. Think about it, how often do you see a tiny jack rabbit on campus? Now is probably the best time to start looking to see if you can spot one. (Just don't touch! Or get too close! Admire from a distance.)


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