Monday, 18 August 2014

Fall 2014 U-Pass: Where Can You Get Yours?

Fall is getting close, which means that it's time to start gearing up for classes! But, rather than throwing yet another list of things you'll need for back to school at you (although we'll be doing that as we get closer to September), for now, we just want to make sure that you know where to get you Fall U-Pass

So, here's what you'll need to know:

1) Until the end of August, you can get your Fall U-Pass in SUB (on the main floor).

2) If you have a Spring/Summer U-Pass - don't tear it off! Keep it on your card until September 1. 

3) Starting on September 1, you'll have the option of getting your Fall U-Pass in CAB or in SUB. The choice is yours.

4) Your Fall U-Pass won't be valid until September 1... so if you need to use transit before then, be sure to have a ticket or a monthly bus pass.... or even some change. 

So, stop by the InfoLink in SUB and beat the lines this August!

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