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Best Spots to Take Your Grad Photos

By Kate

Grad Photo Ideas

So, you're graduating from the University of Alberta and chances are that you're going to have your picture taken. Actually, you're probably going to have your picture taken a lot, so to help inspire a little variety in your convocation photo album, we've put together a list of places to take your #UAlberta13 grad photos. 

Here are our suggestions (Updated to include additional indoor shots for Fall):

Inside CCIS

CCIS Grad Photo

CCIS (located just across QUAD) has a few unique backgrounds for you to choose from. With the right top down shot, you graduation photo could even include the universe. 

In front of the Admin Building

Administration Building Grad Photos

Just in front of the Admin Building, you'll find flowing streams, old fashion light stands, and some gorgeous brick work! You're also likely to find crowds of people trying to get the same photo as you. So, while you should still grab a shot here, you might want to consider taking a short walk around campus to find some other unique photo opportunities.  


QUAD Grad Photos
It isn't very often that you get to see Quad without piles of snow, so take advantage of the sunshine and grass. If you're lucky, you might be photo-bombed by a rabbit, squirrel, or Quad's newest resident, the Quad Goose!

Rutherford Library

Rutherford Library Grad Photos (Harry Potter Room)

More Rutherford Library Grad Photos

For those of you who are Harry Potter fans, the Rutherford Library can serve as a fun spot to pose in your gown... especially if you happen to have a wand handy. 

Students' Union Building (SUB)

Bookstore Grumpy Bear Grad Photo

SUB Grad Photos

When there is a chill in the air, you might want to stay as close to The Bookstore as possible. If that's the case, then there are a few fantastic spots to pose inside SUB. A few examples include the "Wall of Gold" and SU flame on the main floor, and the newly renovated 6th floor. If you're looking for a little whimsy you might even photobomb the Bookstore's Grumpy Bear!

Athabasca Hall

Athebasca Hall Grad Photos

Located along the edge of Quad, Athabasca Hall can provide an excellent backdrop for your convocation day.

Engineering Quad

Engineering QUAD Grad Photos

If you’re graduating from Engineering, you've probably spent more time around these buildings than you've spent around your family and friends... so, why not take a photo to commemorate the time you've spent with these buildings! This quad is laced with nice greenery, making it a prime spot for you to take a picture.

Saskatchewan Drive

Saskatchewan Drive Grad Photos

If you’re okay with a bit of a jaunt, the areas behind CCIS, BioSci and Rutherford House are home to some of the most beautiful trees on campus.

Arts and Business Quad

Arts/Business QUAD Grad Photos
Hiding in the Arts/Business Quad is a romantic little fishpond that is nested between clusters of fragrant lilac bushes and a grassy knoll that is almost always bathed in sunlight.

Old Arts Building/Arts and Convocation Hall 

Old Arts Grad Photos

Old Arts Interior Grad Photos
The oldest building on campus has some amazing stone work both out and in side. So if you end up being cursed with a rainy or chilly grad day, head inside for some photos in the elegant halls of Old Arts.

Alumni Walk 

Alumni Walk Grad Photos

Alumni Walk Winter Grad Photo

Congrats! You’re finally a U of A alumnus. Take in the fresh scenery between SUB and Quad. 

Did we miss anything? Tweet us @YouAlberta with your favourite grad photos! (And, if you are tweeting, don't forget to use the #UAlberta13 hashtag.)

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  1. A small correction: The Arts Building is not the oldest on campus. It followed St. Stephen's College, Athabasca Hall, Pembina Hall and Assiniboia Hall.

  2. Thank you for the correction


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