Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Gift Ideas for Grads

With convocation only a week away, we thought that we would offer you a few last minute gift ideas... here's what we came up with (with a little help from our Lego grads):

The Butterdome Butter Dish

Butterdome Butter Dish with Lego Grad

An instant classic upon its release, the Butterdome Butter dish is a quirky gift that only a U of A grad can really appreciate. 

A Professional Wardrobe

Graduation Gift Idea - Professional Clothes (with Lego Grad)

With graduation will likely come the end of sweat pants... or at least, the end of casual wear during the work day. Helping a new graduate purchase some professional attire can give them an extra boost when they start their post-graduation job search.

A U of A Hoodie

U of A Hoodie with Lego Grad
A variety of hoodies (and even tiny scrubs for your future grads) can be found at the Bookstore.

They may not get to wear it to work, but every university grad should have at least one school hoodie in their closet. Preferably a hoodie from their own school...

A Trip

Lego Grad - The Trip Grad Gift

There might be a grad or two (or probably more) who haven't quite found their post-university career yet, and that's okay. Before settling into a work routine, try to get your grad out into the world for some exploring. They could go to an exotic place that they've been studying for the past 4+ years, or you could pack them off to visit family members that they've been unable to see a lot during their studies. 

A Frame

Convocation Gift Idea - Frame (with Lego Grad)

Completing a degree is a pretty big accomplishment, so a frame can be a great way to let your grad show off their achievement.

A Mug

Convocation Gift Idea - School Mug (with Lego Grad)
U of A mugs available at the Bookstore.

Sometimes it can be nice to just go with something simple and totally useful. If your grad has a slight tea and/or coffee addiction, then a mug will definitely be used. 

A Book

Lego Grad Reading

Now that they finished their degree, your grad is going to have so much time to do all of the things that they used to put off... like reading! More specifically, reading for fun! We have a few ideas for what they might want to read (now that they have time) here.

A Bear

Lego Grad with Grad Bear
Grad Bear available at the Bookstore.

Not a live one though... that could end poorly for everyone. A cute little teddy bear could be nice though. 


Lego Grad in a Pile of Money

Every little bit helps, so if you'd like to help your grad begin their post-graduation savings plan, then a small (or if you're lucky, large) donation would likely be appreciated. Even if you simply buy them a celebratory dinner, they should appreciate it.

Your Congratulations!

Lego Grad reaching for a high five of her own with Guba

Sometimes the most meaningful gift can simply be knowing that your loved ones are proud of you... so let your grad know :)

For more ideas to help you plan for convocation, check out the convocation website.



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