Friday, 4 July 2014

Walk This Way.... Or Maybe Don't: Construction on Campus

During the summer, campus is in bloom, fish are swimming in the ponds, and infant magpies are learning to fly, and pedestrians are learning to appreciate the joys of detours. 

Construction is in full swing on campus (which is great because it means that we'll have all kinds of fancy new places to walk... eventually). So, we thought that we would take a look to see what new paths you might want to try (and which ones you might want to avoid) for the next little while. Here's what we've found:

Behind the Admin Building

The back steps are being repaired (which you'll definitely appreciate once the ice returns in the winter). For an alternative path, try the front door... it looks like the fancier entrance anyway.


Seriously. Don't do it. If you try, you won't have time to watch your step....
...because you'll be too busy falling.

Around PAW/The New St. Joseph's Residence

The sign is pretty self explanatory. 
A detour will be helpful...

A detour like this.

I know that I've seen people wait to cross at this corner, but PLEASE don't do it! Besides, the other corners are much nicer to stand on at the moment. Much nicer.
You can easily stay on the paved path to avoid this bit of construction.


I'm not really sure why, but I'll comply... plus, you asked nicely. 

CAB Underpass

Despite appearances... you CAN get through.

You'll just need to take a small detour down an extra set of stairs.

And that extra set of stairs will take you a little closer to one of the ponds/streams on campus that you likely never get a good look at.

Rutherford North (Behind it.)

This isn't actually blocking you from using a path. 


Oh Dent/Pharm - you were my favourite indoor route to cut through during the winter, but now that it's hot out, I don't even care that you're closed. Plus, you've inspired me to be extra creative when looking for indoor routes to get from one side of the campus to the other, so I suppose that you've provided me with an excellent brainteaser. Thanks.


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