Thursday, 30 October 2014

What Was Your Favourite Halloween Costume as a Kid? (InfoLink Edition)

All images provided by InfoLink: Your Campus Connection

It's here! All Hallows' Eve is here! And that means that there will be some amazing costumes adorning our campus halls today. But, as we pointed out in our "Do's and Dont's" piece, not everyone might want to wear a costume to school today. So for that reason, we decided to take a trip down memory lane to find out what your favourite Halloween costume was back when you were a kid. 

Here are the costumes that InfoLink's helpful Peer Advisors cherished:

Three Blind Mice
"My brothers and I dressed up as the Three Blind Mice in elementary school."

Memories of Childhood Costumes
Top left: Ninja; top right "I couldn't make up my mind, so I was a cat-ballerina-princess"; bottom left: "I didn't get to experience Halloween, but I would have probably wanted to be Elmo... as a zombie"; bottom right: "I always wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but it was always too cold."

Favourite Childhood Costumes
Left to right: Witch, ghost, sparkly ghost, and "I've never trick-or-treated before where I come from, and haven't carved a pumpkin before, so I would have liked to be a pumpkin."

University students: their fave childhood costumes for Halloween
Top left: Pumpkin; bottom left: Batman! Right: "I was a princess, but my coat always covered my costume, so you could only see my really really tall pointy hat."

Halloween Costume Memories
Left to right: "Last year I went in a giant Gingerbread Man costume." "I once made an alien in a UFO costume." "I wanted to be a princess, so I picked Belle too."

Halloween Costume Memories
Left: Ultraman! Top right: Sailor Jupiter; bottom right: Wolverine (NOTE: "I didn't get to have the claws, but I've added them to the drawing now.")

Fave Halloween Costumes
Left to right: Pretty sure that's the same Ninja from earlier: middle: Robot; right: "I couldn't have been one as a kid because they didn't exist, but I would have totally wanted to be a Minion!"

What about you UAlberta? What would your favourite childhood costume be?


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