Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Tale of Fjorn the Flubreaker and the Campus Flu Shot Clinics

This is the tale of Fjorn the Flubreaker. Like all good vikings, Fjorn enjoyed roaming the land, wearing his suit of chain-maille, and releasing a hardy laugh when his friends Ivan the Immunized and Valerie of the Vaccine spun a good yarn. 

While enjoying one of his daily jaunts Fjorn found himself feeling tired and a little light headed. He could feel a chill spreading across his body and developed a fleeting hankering for some boiled broth. Wanting nothing more than to lie down, Fjorn forged ahead and made his way to great circle of fire (or as you might know it, the fire place on the main floor of SUB). Once there he draped himself in his heavy blanket and waited anxiously for one of his friends to stumble upon him. 

"Why me?!?" Fjorn winced in a hushed tone. "Why?" He murmured.

"Fjorn? Is that you beneath that giant cloth?" Valerie bellowed.

"Tis" Fjorn squeaked. 

"Did you get the flu shot?" Ivan inquired.

"Not this time" Fjorn admitted while slumping his head to the side.

And that was the last time that Fjorn failed to get the flu shot... because from that time on, he always got his flu shot.

And this has been a poorly veiled public service announcement about this week's campus flu clinics

So, if you are looking to avoid the flu this year, check out University Health Centre's online info about immunizations, or stop by the main floor of SUB this week (Nov. 3 - 7; 9am - 3pm) to register for your flu shot. 

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