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Just In Time for Reading Week: Holidays You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

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While wallowing in the feeling of excitement surrounding of the first Fall Reading Week I’ll ever experience, I’ve been spending my time well… I’ve even taken the opportunity to read… about some of the wackiest and strangest holidays celebrated during the month of November!

Sandwich Day

Date: Tuesday, November 3
This is a holiday to commemorate the 4th Earl of Sandwich (yes I actually just said that). John Montagu is known for being the first person to make a sandwich. Being a heavy gambler, he put a piece of meat between two slices of bread to make eating more convenient while he gambled. Taadaa! The sandwich was born!

Sandwich Day
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Use Your Common Sense Day

Date: Wednesday, November 4
While this holiday may be a struggle for some people, for example myself, an individual who often misplaces her common sense, November the 4th is a day where people are encouraged to use practical common sense, especially because “common sense ain’t that common.” Hopefully you participated. Even if you didn’t know it was a thing.

Use Your Common Sense

Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

Date: Saturday, November 7
If there were any strange holiday that I would die to celebrate, it would probably be the one that involves chocolate. Yes, some people don’t love the taste of dark or bittersweet chocolate, but who is going to stop you from substituting it with your favourite kind of chocolate for this holiday? Trust me, bittersweet chocolate with almonds is good for you! Chocolate comes from cocoa beans, which makes it a vegetable, and everyone know that almonds are healthy, so no guilt will be felt!

Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds
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Pizza With the Works Except Anchovies Day

Date: Thursday, November 12
Talk about being specific; imagine taking this person’s restaurant order. This holiday will resonate with the anchovy-free pizza lovers who know better than to ask for everything on their pizza. So indulge! Just do it without the anchovies…unless you love them of course. 

No Anchovies - TMNT
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Homemade Bread Day

Date: Tuesday, November 17
There is nothing I love more than the smell of baking bread! Now imagine that smell wafting throughout your entire house for the entire day. How drool worthy is that? Trust me when I say that the taste of homemade bread 101% outdoes the taste of sliced store-bought bread. While the origins of this holiday are unknown it is quite evident that this person wanted to remind us of how enjoyable homemade bread is, and how it tastes ten times more delicious after your arms ache from all the kneading. 

Fresh Bread - Flight of the Choncords
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“Have a Bad Day” Day

Date: Thursday, November 19
A holiday designed especially for the stressed out and tired customer service and retail workers. All of us who have worked part-time jobs in these environments know how tedious it can be to tell every customer to “have a nice day”. So instead, people who celebrate this holiday tell customers, in the nicest way possible, to “have a bad day.”

Have a Bad Day
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Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day

Date: Monday, November 30 
Why not take a day off, not because you are sick, but because you are feeling fabulous? This holiday, created by Thomas and Ruth Roy vouches for calling in “well” instead of “sick” and encourages participants to take a chunk of their morning to get a good sleep (no one would have to instruct me to do that), and spend the day in relaxation. Would your boss appreciate your honesty if you call in “well”? If not, pretend like you didn’t just read this paragraph. (Also, given that we have class on the 30th... let's just say that we're all celebrating this one this week.)

Stay Home Day!
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So whether or not you are completely weird-ed out or absolutely intrigued and by these wacky and random holiday celebrations, there is one very important thing that reading this list has done for you. You now have even more holidays to celebrate this month! Happy First-Ever-Fall-Reading-Week to you!


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