Monday, 24 October 2016

Searching for Beauty During Midterms

Fall arrives at the university of Alberta

The leaves have fallen and the grey clouds have made their way over our city, tests have come and group projects with them, welcome (and nearly, farewell) October.

It’s a month that often goes by too fast, and with hardly any appreciation for the beauty it brings. With the stress of midterms and the winds of October that bring winter swiftly on their breath, finding the good in this month can be hard. That’s why I took it upon myself to search these halls for the beauty I know resides somewhere among them.

Pianos around Campus

This piano installation is one of the most incredible additions to the university, not only does it fill the air with music, but there’s nothing more beautiful to me than someone hosting a personal concert for their peers out of their pure passion for the music. I wish I could play, but I’ll be content with listening to them instead.  

Mmmmmm, turkey.
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Our lives as students often keep us on campus for hours on end, but we have our families and friends outside to keep us filled with warmth (how cheesy can I get you ask? Hold on, it’s about to get worse). Thanksgiving not only gives us a few days off and some incredible food, but also the welcome reminder of our lives at home, and the people closest to us.

October Snow...

Even though the snow has come annoyingly early this year, it’s made our campus into a beautiful blend of both fall and winter, with fresh green leaves covered by heavy wet snow. But be careful not to slip when walking!

Basically warm drinks

Cold days make warm drinks taste better (I’m sure there’s science to back that up) and with all this snow we’ve been getting lately it’s the perfect weather for cozying up in your favourite study spot with a warm cup of Joe (or whatever pumpkin creation you crave).

Light in the Library

Speaking of that favourite study spot, our libraries are some of the best places to find inspiration! Nothing is more motivational than seeing all of the hardworking students diligently plugging away at their studies. And thanks to our heavily treed campus the views from library windows are beautiful.

The allure of the coffee line

While  being surrounded by so many peers can at times feel overwhelming, it’s so warming to see groups of friends laughing, couples holding hands and kids rushing to class, or crowing around their favourite coffee dealer.

Artful perspectives

There is so much life here at the U of A and it’s easy to miss when caught up in school, work and personal lives, but every so often look up from your textbooks and try to find at least one beautiful thing around you, I know you’ll be surprised at how much there is.

Paige - YouAlberta Contributor

Paige is a fourth year BA student with a double major in French and Spanish. She is passionate about anything cultural (especially cuisine) and loves to travel anywhere new. Her hobbies include feeling guilty for taking naps but doing it anyways, watching old French films, and running long distance.


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