Thursday, 27 October 2016

No Class: A Day on Campus

If you’ve read some of my previous YouAlberta entries, you may know that I’m currently in the middle of the sixth year of my undergrad degree. With so much school already behind me, and the knowledge that this would indeed be my last year, I decided to take an easier course load to cap off my long and winding journey.

Currently, I’m enrolled in just two classes, and as you would expect that comes with its fair share of down time. Specifically, thanks to one of my classes being a night class, I don’t have class on Tuesdays. With this in mind, I decided to venture up to campus last Tuesday for the first time this semester - just to give our readers a taste of what it’s like to be on campus when you don’t have class for the day.

I’m ready to start the day. Shut up, I know I could’ve woken up much earlier, but 10 a.m. is early for me. It’s all relative, you know. 

After another hour of lollygagging around the house, I’m finally ready to actually go to campus. The eagle-eyed viewer will also notice that my car needs gas. Thankfully I made it without being stranded on the side of the road. 

Since parking on campus is an often stressful and expensive experience, I park down in Emily Murphy Park. It’s free, and a relatively short walk. (Although you do have to climb a bit of a hill).

Here is the hill. Eventually I’ll be able to climb it without finding myself out of breath at the top. 

Editor's Note: I'm not convinced anyone can make it up that hill without a little panting.

The view from the top is always sweet. 

I did actually have some studying to do, so I found a spot in the Harry Potter room for a couple of hours. This is where I stayed for most of the day…. The view didn’t really change, aside from when the people around me left or were joined by other studious studiers.

Ah Hub Mall, the hallway of a million fragrances. 

I wish there was more snow. Seriously. 

I don’t trust this licence plate. Too many sixes. 

It’s always easier going down the hill than coming up it. 

Finally, I took a trip to my favourite sandwich place in the city, Farrow. For students looking to break out of the Subway doldrums, this might just be the place to do it. You’ll definitely see more variety, creativity, and freshness than you would normally. Also it beats standing in line for 30 minutes in the middle of SUB. 

And that was my day on campus without class. I can’t say it’s something I’ll be doing regularly this year, but it’s definitely a nice way to break up the monotony of any other Tuesday. As long as I don’t have to wake up too early. 

Zach - YouAlberta Contributor

Zach is a sixth-year Sociology major with a creative writing minor. Scared of being a real adult and being awake before noon. He can be found either eating, sleeping, meandering in the river valley, or watching a Toronto Blue Jays game. He misses having long hair because now none of his hats fit properly.


  1. I didn't know that we could park at Emily Murphy Park! How long does it take to get to campus? Where is the Harry Potter room though?!

  2. The time needed for the hike up the hill probably depends on the individual, but we'd recommend giving yourself 10 - 15 minutes (just in case, at least for the first walk). And Rutherford South! It's a magical place.


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