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DIY Christmas Gifts: For Students with Empty Wallets…So All of Us

DIY Gifts for a Student Budget
I hope the season has been treating you well! Classes are finally over and now all we have to do is pull through this last week of finals. We’re almost there people! While many of you probably have not had the time to do holiday shopping, let alone figure out what to give your family and friends, I thought that it might be helpful if I compiled a few do-it-yourself gift ideas. These are all pretty cheap and easy to make, and almost all of them allow you to add your own personal twist, which is perfect for gift giving. So without further delay, here is what I found:

P.S.: Good luck on your exams and have a wonderful holiday!

Treat-Filled Slippers: 

DIY Gift Idea: Treat-filled slippers
Images courtesy of Pretty Providence and The Tip Toe Fairy

Who on Earth wouldn’t appreciate a cozy pair of slippers stuffed with all their favourite goodies?

Pineapple Wine:

DIY Gift Idea: "Pineapple" Wine or Reindeer Bottles
Images courtesy of,, and lifeofamodernmom

Embrace your creative side by decorating a wine or champagne bottle with individually wrapped chocolates. Beer bottles would work too and these are perfect for taking to holiday parties.

Brownie/Hot Chocolate Jar:

DIY Gift Idea: Hot Chocolate Snowman
Images courtesy of Love Grows Wild, Pinterest, and The Vintagemixer

Fill a mason jar with goodies (any goodies) and decorate it accordingly. If you choose to make the snowman jar, I suggest making it extra personal by creating a cute University of Alberta themed scarf with green and gold ribbon! 

Candy Sleighs: 

DIY Gift Idea: Candy Sleighs
Images courtesy of ellensplace

It’s quite amazing, the things you can do with some tape (and why not use the sparkly or patterned kind?) and candy.

Tea Tin Candles: 

DIY Gift Idea: Tin or Jar Candles
Images courtesy of Country Living and

How is this for a super easy and super creative present! And who is to say that you have to use a tea tin? If you aren’t a heavy tea drinker, think about use other things, like mason jars (which look amazing with a coat of glitter) or flowerpots. Candles are also really popular during the holiday season, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a nice smelling candle to put in the tin. Just make sure it fits!

DIY Gift Ideas: Holiday Cards from Students

Pull out your smelly felts and make your very own hand crafted card  - or save yourself a little time, and just print off one of our free cards (courtesy of YouAlberta alum Trenton)!

You can find his card designs here.

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